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Trading with LiteForex has become even more profitable and interesting. LiteForex is distributing promo-codes for you to get a 15% bonus.


Open a new account and get 30% for all deposits over $1000 during one day by activating promocode


All the successive deposits will get a 15% bonus


Trade Forex and get profits



Risk warning: Trading in FX and CFDs entails high risk of losing capital.

Non-stop Bonus conditions:
  1. Promo code activation available from 08.04.2017 to 02.05.2019
  2. Promo-code for getting a bonus: NonStopBonus
  3. The promo code can be activated once a deposit of at least $1000 has been made. To activate the promo code, enter it in the corresponding field when making a deposit.
  4. The promo-code is valid only for the trading account on which it has been activated. Each client may activate the promo-code on each of his/her trading accounts when making a relevant deposit.
  5. CENT, CLASSIC accounts may partake in the "Non-stop Bonus" promotion.
  6. A bonus of 30% will be paid on the first deposit over 1000.
  7. A bonus of 15% will be paid on the second deposit over 300.
  8. The accounts opened via the Pips Back system and ECN accounts may not participate in this promotion.
  9. A trading account may participate only in one of LiteForex’s promotion categories.
  10. Partner’s remuneration (commission) will not be paid for the transactions whose volume is made up of bonus funds.
  11. The bonus will not be credited for transfers between client’s trading accounts.
  12. When a client withdraws his own money from his account or makes a transfer to another account, the bonus amount is reduced in proportion to the account balance. LiteForex has the right to take away bonus funds if the client withdraws his own funds or a part of them from his account.
  13. Any profit made when investing bonus funds may be immediately withdrawn from the account.
  14. The bonus is valid for 3 months from the date of bonus payment. Bonus funds deposited in your trading account may be used in trading or withdrawn from the account within this period. The bonus will be cancelled after the expiration of the above period.
  15. For the bonus funds to be added to the account balance, at least 50 transactions with the volume of at least 30% of the bonus amount are required. Only the transactions that have been conducted after the bonus has been paid into the account will be considered when adding the bonus funds to the account balance. The calculation example is given below:

    Deposit amount ($)Bonus amount (%)Bonus amount ($)30% lots of the bonus amount*
    10015 %$154,5
    50015 %$7522,5
    100030 %$30090
    500030 %$1500450
    1000030 %$3000900

    It must be noted that:

    • * When counting the total volume of transactions with CFDs NYSE on shares, the volume is multiplied by 0.1.
    • ** The volume is 100 times more for Cent accounts.
    • *** Only the trades conducted by use of the client's own funds with the deduction of credit funds will be considered when adding bonus funds to balance funds.

    When calculating the total volume of closed transactions, we do not consider:

    • deleted and canceled pending orders;
    • trades contradicting item 6.10.2 of the 6.10.2 of the "Client Agreement";
    • artificial trades;
    • transactions resulting in less than 3 points of profit/loss.

  16. To be able to withdraw bonus funds, check whether the above condition has been observed. If this is the case, please send a letter to and include the following text:

    Please consider my bonus withdrawal application. The conditions of the "Non-stop Bonus" promotion have been fulfilled. The account number: ________ (type in your account number and type).

    Within 3 working days following the request, our manager will verify whether the conditions are fulfilled and will send you a letter with the results of verification. In case of a favorable decision you will be able to withdraw funds immediately.

  17. Bonus funds may be used as an additional margin. Trading may not be conducted by means of credit funds only. The bonus will be canceled if the whole of client’s own funds is lost.*.
    * * Should you have a negative account balance after closing a position/some positions, you can always contact our Technical support department in order to correct it.
  18. LiteForex reserves the right to refuse bonus provision or cancel anytime and with no reason given a bonus deposited earlier as well as to cancel the results of any transactions conducted by use of bonus funds.
  19. The LiteForex Company reserves the right to request Client’s further identity information. Should the Client refuse to provide this information or the documents to verify his identity and address of residence, LiteForex reserves the right to cancel at any time bonus funds as well as cancel the results of any transactions conducted by use of bonus funds.
  20. The accounts with this type of bonus cannot be registered in the social trading system as a trader’s accounts.
  21. The company has the right to correct the results of the client’s trades on suspicion of "bonus hunting" activities or any other fraudulent actions as to bonus funds.
    A part of a trading result which was earned by use of bonus funds shall be cancelled. An insufficient trading activity in the account, such as execution of one high-volume trade or several trades of lower volume conducted at the same rate and at nearly the same time, which represents a subdivision of a big trade into smaller ones, may serve as a reason for revising the results. As a rule, there is no sufficient trading history in such accounts. In case of detecting such trades, the Company may cancel the bonus at any time and without preliminary notice.
  22. LiteForex has the right to amend the conditions of the "30%+15" promotion at any time and without special notification.
  23. The bonus conditions will be considered as accepted by the client as soon as the bonus is credited to the client’s trading account.
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