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You may claim a 200% unlimited bonus on every deposit over $100


The bonus may be used in trading and therefore boosts your trading potential. What’s more, you can withdraw your bonus after completing the promotion conditions.
Top up your account and take advantage of the GO bonus right now!

Risk warning: Trading in FX and CFDs entails high risk of losing capital.

BonusGo conditions:
  1. The promo-code for participation: BonusGo
  2. The following types of account are eligible for the "Bonus GO 200%" promotion: MT4 CENT, MT4 CLASSIC.
  3. This promotion does not involve accounts belonging to the residents of the following countries: India, Philippines, United Arab Emirates.
  4. A bonus of 200% is credited for any deposit of $100 or more.
  5. In order to receive the bonus, the client shall use the promo-code (see p.1) at the second stage when making a deposit. The bonus will be credited to the trading account as soon as the deposit is made.
  6. Any client may claim the bonus any number of times.
  7. One and the same account may not contain any other bonuses different from the Bonus Go.
    1. When a client requests the Bonus Go for an account granted with other types of bonus, all previous bonuses shall be cancelled.
    2. Any other bonus credited to an account granted with the Bonus Go shall be transformed into the Bonus Go with the application of these provisions.
  8. When a client requests the Bonus Go for an account granted with other types of bonus, all previous bonuses shall be cancelled.
  9. If the Client applies the Bonus Go promo code to an account participating in the Pips Back promotion, spreads will no longer be rebated once the bonus has been paid.
  10. The bonus will not be credited for transfers between client’s trading accounts.
  11. The bonus is considered to be the company's assets and is provided to the client for trading until the client complies with the bonus conditions and transfers the bonus to the account equity.
  12. The deposit granted with the bonus cannot be withdrawn until the bonus has been cancelled by the client or transferred to the account equity (refer to p.19 and further)
  13. The assets available in a trading account granted with the bonus, including profits made from trading operations, are divided into "equity" (client's own funds) and "the company’s funds" until the bonus is transferred to the account equity.
    1. The client's equity ratio is calculated as follows: Client's equity / total funds.
    2. The equity ratio is recalculated after any trading operation (opening/closing of a trade) or balance operation (withdrawal/deposit) takes place, and after any of the bonuses is cancelled or transferred to the account equity
  14. Both equity and bonus funds may be used for trading without any limits. Bonus funds are "drawdown-proof": they will not be deducted from the account if the client's equity falls below the level of bonus funds until Stop Out occurs.
    1. In case a drawdown takes place in the trading account, the client's both equity and bonus funds are affected based on the equity ratio.
    2. The amount of profits made in the account is shared between the client's equity and bonus funds based on the current equity ratio.
  15. When the client withdraws funds from the account, a withdrawal amount is deducted from the client's equity, except for the deposit amount granted with the bonus (refer to p.14)
  16. Money withdrawals concerning accounts with an active Bonus are carried out on the following conditions:
    1. The deposit amount granted with the Bonus may be withdrawn only after the Bonus was cancelled or transferred to the account equity.
    2. The amount of withdrawable funds (funds that may be freely withdrawn from the account by the client) is calculated as follows:
      equity - sum of deposits (for which the bonus has been paid) - sum of bonuses - profits made from bonus funds + profits made from client's own funds = withdrawable funds.
  17. If the client complies with the promotion conditions, the bonus may be transferred from the company’s funds to the account equity. Once the bonus becomes part of the account equity, all the profits made from using bonus funds, deposits granted with the bonus and the bonus itself may be freely withdrawn from the account.
  18. To do so, the client shall conduct at least 50 trades of the total volume of at least 30% of the bonus amount. Solely the trades conducted after the bonus has been credited to the account will be considered.
    A calculation example:
    Deposit amount ($) Bonus amount (%) Bonus amount ($) 30% lots of the bonus amount*
    100 200 200 60
    500 200 1000 300
    1000 200 2000 600
    5000 200 10000 3000
    10000 200 20000 6000

    * Only the trades on instruments belonging to the Forex Major, Forex Crosses, Forex Minor, Commodities, and Oil groups are considered when calculating the volume.

    ** The volume is 100 times more for Cent accounts.

    *** When transferring the bonus to the account equity, the current equity ratio is applied, i.e. solely the trades made by use of the client\ own funds are considered and the trade volume made by use of the company's bonus funds is not taken account of.

    **** When calculating the total volume of closed transactions, we do not consider:

    • deleted and canceled pending orders;
    • transactions which contradict paragraph 2.10.2 of the Agreement on Quoting System and Transactions Procedure;
    • volume of positions locked fully or partially (only locking volume will be considered);
    • transactions resulting in less than 3 points of profit/loss.
  19. Once bonus funds have been added to the account equity, the following funds may be freely withdrawn:

    - deposit sum for which the bonus has been paid;

    - bonus sum;

    - profits made by use of the bonus transferred.

  20. The accounts with this type of bonus cannot be registered in the social trading system.
  21. Automatic withdrawals do not involve accounts with the Bonus GO.
  22. An account with the Bonus GO may not be an issuing account in an internal transfer.
  23. If Stop Out takes place, all bonuses are automatically and fully deducted from the client's trading account.
  24. The client may decline the bonus at any time using his/her Client's Profile. In this case, the bonus sum and the profit made by use of bonus funds will be deducted from the account.
    1. If the client declines the bonus during a drawdown, the initial bonus sum and the profits made by use of bonus funds will be deducted from the account in full.
    2. If the client declines a bonus whose transfer progress bar is completed, the volume considered for the transfer shall be cancelled and cannot be applied to another bonus. At the same time, the deposit sum for which the bonus has been paid may be withdrawn freely.
  25. The company has the right to correct the results of the client’s trades on suspicion of "bonus hunting" activities or any other fraudulent actions as to bonus funds. A part of a trading result which was earned by use of bonus funds shall be cancelled. An insufficient trading activity in the account, such as execution of one high-volume trade or several trades of lower volume conducted at the same rate and at nearly the same time, which represents a subdivision of a big trade into smaller ones, may serve as a reason for revising the results. As a rule, there is no sufficient trading history in such accounts. In case of detecting such trades, the Company may cancel the bonus at any time and without preliminary notice.
  26. The Company's right to refuse to credit bonus funds or deduct the bonus funds from the client's account without preliminary notice and without providing reasons for doing so is an integral part of these conditions.
  27. LiteForex has the right to amend these conditions at any time and without special notice.
  28. The bonus conditions will be considered as accepted by the client as soon as the bonus is credited to the client’s trading account.
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