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There are many forex robots in the market, and the AI forex robot is one of them. AI means artificial intelligence; a way of implying that the robot works efficiently without the need for a trader to make any input at all during a trade. We will be doing a review of the AI forex robot in this post, and will point out something really important, so hang in there.

Generally, the AI forex robot is an auto trading system designed to trade the forex market with little or no human intervention, and based on a set of algorithm and trading strategy provided by the designer. Features of the robot include

-    Beginner friendly

-    Great money management rules

-    Built in advanced stop loss and take profit orders

-    Training course

-    Easy installation

-    Real time support 24/7

From all indication, this is an ideal forex robot, and many people have attested to its efficacy. However, many other people seem to think that the AI forex robot is a scam. This has always been the case with many robots (if not all). There is hardly any robot out there that has not gotten a negative review, no matter how great it is.


A trader gave a negative review about this robot, and it was a legit one. The trader is not a newbie so to say, and as such, knows what he is doing. However, despite his skills, he still was not able to get good results with the AI forex robot. Is this to say that the robot does not deliver?

In response to this;

Using the same default settings with different brokers bring about different results. Take equity gain for instance; for one broker, it may be 38%, and for another, it may be 104%. If a trader goes ahead to work with 38% for a broker whose equity gain is at 104%, the results will definitely not be the same. In other words, traders should take their time to see how the AI forex robot works with different brokers before choosing. If the trader already has a trusted broker, the best thing to do is to trade experimentally to understand how best the robot can function. Experimentally here refers to demo trading, and trading at first with really little amount of money.

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