Automated money withdrawals from Forex within 24 hours

Do you need to urgently withdraw some of your funds from your trading account?

You can’t wait for several business days, right?

Up to $100 per day

Instant payment

All popular payment systems

The service applies to all popular payment systems

The service is provided for LiteForex clients under the following conditions:

  • LiteForex Investments Limited (Marshall Islands) provides the Client with an opportunity to use two automatic withdrawals within 24 hours for a total amount not more than $100 (or equivalent in another currency), provided that the client profile is completely verified. The countdown starts from the moment of writing off the funds from the trading account balance as a result of the last automatic withdrawal.
  • The client whose profile is not fully verified may have 50$ withdrawn automatically once in 24 hours (or the equivalent in another currency). The 24-hour period is measured from the moment of funds deduction as a result of automatic withdrawal.
  • An automatic withdrawal can be made only by use of the same payment details (e-wallet) that have been used for topping up the account. The sum of funds withdrawn automatically from the trading account cannot exceed the amount deposited by use of these payment details (e-wallet).
  • An automatic withdrawal may be conducted only on condition that there are no unprocessed withdrawal applications regarding the account that an automatic withdrawal is conducted from.
  • The automatic withdrawal service is provided when using the following payment systems: Skrill, Perfect Money, OKPAY, Neteller.
  • Those clients who have failed at any time to comply with the conditions of the Public offer agreement and the Agreement on Quoting System and Transactions Procedure cannot use the automatic withdrawal service. Any letter received from the email address is a confirmation of violation.
  • The LiteForex Company has the right to refuse to provide the client with this service at its discretion without giving reasons.
  • LiteForex has the right to amend the conditions of provision of the automatic withdrawal service at any time or cancel this service without prior notification to the clients.
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