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Forex newsletter from the LiteForex Company


This newsletter includes the latest currency fluctuations forecasts. Besides, our experts will share their expectations regarding this or that event in the world economy. Our analytical articles will help you achieve high results in the currency market and work out your own profitable trading strategy.


This type of newsletter will keep you up to date with our contests and you’ll be able to understand how to correct your tactics in order to rank higher in the contest. Moreover, you will leave your rivals far behind as you will learn about a new contest even before it starts.

MetaTrader reports

To simplify the analysis of your transactions, we can mail you reports on your transactions. You will receive this newsletter at the end of each working day and at the end of each month and thus you’ll have complete information on your trades in a convenient form in your mailbox.

Notifications for PAMM investors

Our newsletter for investors will keep you abreast of the latest changes in your PAMM account: you’ll have a notification each time the manager conducts a rollover or deletes his account or in case your account has reached the Risk Equity/TakeProfit Equity levels you preset.

Company’s news

Are you the last one to get to know our news? It’s not a problem anymore since you can subscribe to our newsletter and be up to date on our promotions and innovations.

Training news

Our company constantly updates its training resources to help you improve your skills. Of course, you can learn about our new programs on LiteForex’s official website, but subscribing to the newsletter with training news will be more convenient.

Notifications about low Margin Level

Margin Level is a percentage ratio of the trading account balance to the funds used in trading, i.e. it shows the risk related to your current trades. The higher this level is, the lower the expectancy of StopOut is, and vice versa. When the margin level equals 100%, it means that your deposit is fully used in trading. In case you have some open orders, this indicator is shown in the status of the “Trading” tab within the trading platform.

To be up to date about your trading activity and not to miss the moment when it’s not enough funds for maintaining open positions, you can activate the option for receiving low margin level notifications.

Notifications for PAMM managers

It may be difficult to trade and at the same time keep an eye on non-trading processes in your trading account. Our newsletter for PAMM managers will let you know how many new deposits your investors made or who of them detached or attached their accounts.