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Have you ever wondered using an automated Forex trading platform that helps you save money for a prolonged period of time? Traders all over the world have invested much of their time and effort in finding the best automated trading partner. However, most of them fail to deliver the perfect results because most of the times, EA does not work accordingly as planned. Aeron Forex auto trader, however, begs to differ from the rest.

Forget marketing gimmicks which boast of trading genius often turn out to be failures. This one, however, takes into account dynamic parameters and controls all the necessary parameters quite according to your need. It works on a grid platform that makes use of predefined parameters like Lots - Multiplier and selects positions automatically based on market conditions.

Some of the parameters that Aeron Forex auto trader makes use of:

Unlike most other 3rd party auto traders, this one uses external values to optimise its parameters and combines it with internal trade logic. Finding the optimum values is a piece of cake, especially with its ability to incorporate complex techniques like martingale technique.

a)    Total Positions:

One of the principal parameter that traders are concerned with are the available buying/selling positions for a definite currency pair. This depends on various conditions like market trends and abrupt economic convulsions. Aeron carefully lists the number of buying/selling conditions of a specific period of time using this parameter.

b)    Maximum Lots:

Often it becomes increasingly important to set a maximum value of lot size from your account. This ensures correct interpretation of EA functionality and controls the risk factors. This parameter helps users to control the maximum value of lot sizes for a specific currency pair at a specified time.

c)    Reset Profit/loss:

Set your profit parameters and Aeron Forex auto trader will take care of the rest. As a matter of fact, if preset value of profits is greater than a certain percentage of your account balance, EA will close your current position and start afresh. Quite the same way, set your own loss parameters and likewise, auto trader will close positions if it exceeds your permitted limits.

d)    Auto Dilute:

Among all the factors that make auto trading fun, auto dilute option is most important. It secures your a demo account and prevents the auto trader to opt for further positions after reaching a particular number of positions. Make sure that you set your digits or numbers correctly to avoid conflicts.

How effective is Aeron as an auto trader?

Thanks to the flexibility of factors and use of parameters, using it is comparatively easier. Experts recommend making use of EA to select which position to choose and number of positions. Accordingly, it gives you a fair idea of the estimated profits or loss depending on your prior requirements.

Make sure that you set all the parameters as correctly as possible. A prior calculation should come to help. Aeron Forex auto trader works with almost all Forex platforms including MetaTrader. Make the most of it, NOW!

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