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The availability and common use of apps has made access to information very easy; one of the businesses timely where access to information can make or mar the trader is in forex trading, where the minute- to- minute decisions depend completely on information about the market and all other forces that control the market. There is no gain saying that successful forex trading rest on a deep understanding of the terrain and because of the time and energy involved, only a few persons get to that point where they can predict accurately the direction of the market, and to share this information to subscribers, there is need for forex trading apps. This forex trading apps have revolutionized access to vital information for the average investor.


It is a suggestion offered by an expert on the best approach to entering a trade on currency pair (which is the subject matter of forex). In simple words, forex signal refers to privileged, researched information handed to someone to help him/ her make the right trading decision. It implies leveraging the market knowledge and experience of experts in other to make accurate trading choices, it usually contain a specific price and time.  The complex analyses and calculations and the job involved in surfing through large data to arrive at a choice is  out source to one more technically qualified for a fee or to a computer program


These apps have soared in popularity in recent times; the reason is their obvious advantages. These apps allow a trader access to data in real time, currency analyses, important news anytime from anywhere in the world. The advantages are just too tempting to ignore and this is shown by the increasing number of persons subscribing to these services.


Most of the applications require

  1. Internet access (3G/4G)

  2. Monthly subscription

Three classes are easily identifiable and they include

  1. Free forex trading signals

  2. Paid forex trading signals

  3. Signals given by EA

The fear of losing one’s hard earned money explains the dependence on these signals to help with critical decisions. Now we have known how important the forex trading signals can be, let us turn our attention to the apps that bring these signals to our finger tips.


A good app should notify you when to get into a specific trade and when to get out in the forex market

There are quite a number of apps for this purpose available either for mobile devices or Pc; readily available on the internet. The important point to note and worry about with the forex trading apps is accuracy. It is necessary to do a background check and reviews before choosing which apps to download and ultimately, the paid ones should be expected to perform above average. The decision about which to use will eventually lie with the trader, the point we are making is that let that decision be guided by research.

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