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Any trader who has been involved in forex for an appreciable length of time or in any other business that involves the inter conversion of currencies would know that currency conversion can truly be a complex and potentially expensive business. These days of the internet, a number of conversions are done online and there are a number of websites that offer this service at a fee. In this article we will take you through a guided tour to fine out


- For trips

Except you are traveling to another country that uses the same currency as your country, there is need to convert you money into the local currency using currency converters

- Buying from abroad

With wide spread globalization, businesses are more and more outsourcing, not just their raw materials such as coffee bean or other farm produce but also man power. The only way they can pay for these is to convert the money into the local currency through the help of currency converters

- For forex

Forex exchange trading is a trading in a currency pair; this will mean that you have to be able to buy either of the two currencies from the converters if one of the currencies is your local currencies.

- For financial stability

It is well known that some currencies such as the US dollars is very stable and backed up by a strong government. It also unlikely that the US economy will fail, thus many wealthy people who are not US citizen often convert their wealth and store it in USD, this need the services f currency converters.


The first thing first, before you decide on  using a particular converter you must ensure that you conduct background checks to establish it standing, in fact whatever has to do with money a good reputation is essential, whenever possible go for the established names since they have a reputation to protect and an integrity to defend.


This is computer programmed for the automation of currency conversion. There quite a number of currencies converting software in the market. Some of them are owned by the firms involved in currency conversion. Another point to note is that they all depend on a high speed data connection.

Also a great number of the converter software is available as smart phones applications thus increasing the ease. For instance, someone already at the airport about to travel can easily convert his/her money and continue on the journey. The need for fast conversion will be appreciated more by those who use the service for business especially forex, where time is of great essence. Currency conversion has it dark side to be wary of. Most sites offering free conversion are actually full of hidden charges waiting to rip off the unsuspecting. So the warning can’t be given too many times. Most of these currency conversion site has a built in currency calculator which tells you how much you will get when you convert a certain amount into the local legal tender.

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