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Going by what is being thrown at us by the technology geeks one would think, or better still, conclude that living itself has got to have an app with which we may turn off some body functions or maybe, put life off completely. History has always shown that when something seem to be working, we, without thinking, tend to unceremoniously conclude that it cannot go wrong, that it has to work for everyone , every time. This is the new found euphoria about EA for forex trading, we seem to assign them more and more tasks and the greater burden if you ask me, is this task of generation profit for us. The mounting evidence that this doesn’t seem to work half of the time has not deterred the gullible, and considering that what pushes most people into forex trading initially is always a high dose of gullibility. It goes without saying that we expect a large number of this class of persons in forex trading.

The EA for forex trading is in many ways like any other EA, but our thirst for more and more profit from less and less invested time will not let us see clearly. So we plough on, seeing mounds of gold where there is none. The EA for forex trading is not what it appears at first sight, a promise of immeasurable wealth garnered by a software app that neither sleeps nor slumber. The equivalent of tiny bits of unseen worker ants slaving in the digital superhighway to amass free wealth so if it must be used at all, there is need for caution and an unwritten understanding of the risks of leaving decision making in the hands of a set of pre-determined computer protocol. It might work as long as what was not covered by such protocols, an encrypted error or those millions of things outside the realm of logic and organized reasoning.

To the extent that we understand the risks involved and are willing to override our natural inclination to preserve the control of things to ourselves, a calculated leap into the dark may be worth the while, if not for anything else to prove that it works or sucks. So the daily push of more of these EA for forex trading that enters the market with new sets of bogus claims, the higher the need for caution, except the loss of one’s hard earned money is a hobby, the testing of such schemes should never be.

Forex trading has had it fair share of technological interventions, like everyone else these highly gifted tech guys tend to design or should I say invent for the money guys, their inventions on the heels of the money currents after all, it is all about the money which raises doubt about the genuineness of the products because it’s so successful as it is claimed then the hawkers of this product would have traded themselves to billions before inviting other.

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