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Most forex robots used for forex trading are overrated. The features, functionality and benefits of these trading software are overestimated. Most of these forex robots are scams and in other for a scam or fraudulent device to be purchased, they must be done in a brilliant and resounding manner. The cooler it is for a forex trader to make money, the further a fraud will register success. Forex robots are seen as an automated system that makes and multiplies money while the user wallows in sleep. This absolute feature makes forex robots a great target for fraudulent activities.

In spite of these scams, not all forex trading robots are seen as fraudulent. Not all of them are seen as shell games. Most are adequately functional, useful, manage risk by equating profits/losses and are excellent platforms for trading various currency pairs. This means that it is very important for forex traders to be careful in the purchase and use of trading robots in forex trading.


One advantage of using the best forex robot for forex trading is that is maximizes profit. Profit increase comes as a result of effective trade strategies that have been put in place by following a set of predefined rules in other to initiate and identify trade positions. When a forex trader uses a fraudulent robot for trading, the reverse becomes the case. A forex trader loses all he has without even knowing it and his account goes down the drains.

These set of forex robots are advertised in accordance with claims that hides their legitimacy with great profits that attract forex traders into fake hopes of security only to end up penniless. These claims are usually erupted from the fact that they performed greatly in the past and failed to be used in the now forgetting that the forex market is an ever changing place.



Before the purchase and use of a forex robot, forex trader should have a stand on trying the functionality of the software by experimenting with a demo trade. This system of demo trading helps to ascertain the quality of the forex robot and know in advance if the automated program is a fraud or is the real thing.


A forex trader should be able to understand the concept of forex trading by physically engaging into live forex trades, understanding the difference between trading with a manual system and an automated system. A total reliance on a forex robot is the beginning of the end for a forex trader.

In conclusion, while there is an existence of fake forex robots who has eyes for the capital of its users, there are also true ones that maximize the income of its users. A forex trader should learn how to trade and choose wisely.

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