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All forex traders are out for a strategy that will work so well for them. Is that really possible? With all the strategies out there, how can one find a profitable strategy to trade with? First of all, a trader needs a well reasoned and back tested strategy. This will boost their confidence and help them maintain discipline while trading. There is really no specific strategy that can be said to be the best out of all. The trader will have to consider some things to come up with the best strategy for him.


People are different and as such, they approach a particular problem in different ways. Understanding your personality will help you develop a strategy that is best for you as a trader. For instance, John may not be a very patient person, and as such cannot hold a trade for so long. Knowing this will guide John not to choose a long term strategy in his trades.
Asides individual factor, another thing a trader needs to do is to study the strategy in a demo trading platform. This will help them to practice with the strategy, understand it better, or just dump it for another one if it does not work well for them.


It is not uncommon to see traders that have different strategies for trading the forex market. However, it is best to master a strategy before moving ahead to another one. Seeing as there are different conditions that may prevail in the forex market, a trader may want to have different strategies for trading these different market conditions.

Talking about trading the forex market with different strategies, it brings to mind the need for patience. A lot of traders jump from one strategy to another in search for the best strategy that will work for them. They rarely take the time to study and master a particular strategy before dumping it and going over to another one. Such traders hardly make good forex trading careers.


There is no one strategy that can be said to be the best for trading the forex market. What it takes to have the best strategy to trade the forex market with is deep research, understanding your personality and how it works, hard work, and patience. You can also try different things to see what works best for you.

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