Best forex winning strategy

A forex strategy is the analysis a trader uses to determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair at a particular. It is the basis of trading the forex market, and it is important that every trader trades the forex market with not just any strategy, but one of the best forex winning strategies. Trading the forex market without a forex strategy is like planning to fail. It is as said – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

There are a lot of forex strategies to pick from and trade the forex market with, but how many of them are winning strategies? It is not helpful that there is countless number of them, making it difficult for one to actually pick one that is profitable without having to go through some trial and error process, which is resources and time consuming, especially if you really have no idea of what to look for in a forex strategy. The truth is that there are a lot of strategies that are resourceful; all that needs to be done is to learn to identify them based on some basic traits that are known to be common among time tested and profitable trading strategies.


First of all, a winning strategy must have the basics expected of a typical forex trading plan. That include

-    Point of entry

-    Stop loss orders

-    Take profit orders

-    Exit point

All forex strategies have all of these, but in different ways. If these are what make a typical trade plan, what then makes a winning forex strategy? Your winning method of trading the market may not be my winning method. Understand that what worked for John may most likely not work for Jane. We are all different in unique ways, and that applies in everything we do in life. All you have to do is find your strength and capitalize on it. If you have studies the preliminaries of the forex market and you understand the role of temperament in developing strategy and trading the forex market, then you will know that there is more to the four points mentioned above.


Another thing traders must have in mind is that there is no one specific strategy that can be said to be the best forex strategy for trading the forex market. This is because there are different ways of trading the forex market, which demands different trade methods and strategies. There is also the issue of personality; this affects how a person trades the forex market to a great extent. Other reasons why there is no one best forex winning strategy include time frame, currency pair being trades, trade session, etc.

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