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This is the forex trading system that claims an accuracy of 73.76% in all of its trades. Traders that are looking for a forex system to trade with, or even a trade signal to copy, must have come across this system online. What is it really, ad how does it work?

Note that a lot of good things have been said about this system and its signal, but none of them is as real as a firsthand experience of trading with the system. You will have to try it to see if it really works or not. Here are some of the things you should know about the forex freedom system.

The producers of the system claim that it has been around for over five years, and has delivered consistent results all the while. It has so far been able to adapt to all market conditions, and has survived notable events like the Trump related effects on economy, Brexit, etc.


A forex system is a well put together strategy on how to trade the forex market profitably. The forex freedom trading system is based on different moving averages available on the metatrader platform combines with a 100% price action indicator. Here are the different signals generated by the system and the best action to take

-    When all the forex indicators are green and there is a slope for moving averages above zero, it is a buy signal

-    If the forex indicators are red and the slope for moving average is below zero, it is a sell signal

Note that the forex freedom system makes use of the customized indicator, the forex freedom indicator 1. It uses different periods to find the strongest trend to work with.


This system was released to the public years ago, and many traders have been able to trade the signals. From what has happened so far, it is important to know that there are certain precautionary measures to take to make sure you make the best out of this system signals. Here are some of the things traders should have in mind when trading this system

-    If your account is less than $2500, it is recommended that you trade a maximum of ten pairs, and on the H1 timeframe.

-    If you have an account of $5000 or more, you can trade on the H4 timeframe and get to run a trade for as long as one to three days in a row.

-    For the micro accounts worth from $100 to $250, the trader is recommended to trade only one pair or two

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