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This post is aimed at an overview of a multipurpose robot that can trade both the forex market and binary options at the same time. Usually, people that are into forex trading know only about robots that can be used to trade just the forex market. The same goes for those of them in the binary market; they often come across robots that can only be used to trade binary options. Only in rare occasions can one come across a robot that can trade both binary options and currencies. It is not surprising though; you will have to care about forex and binary options (investment wise) to even notice such a robot. As far as records go, there are not a lot of forex and binary multi robots in the market; but just in case you are wondering what it is, here goes.


Binary option is some binary option where the payoff is some fixed amount or nothing at all. It can be grouped into two;

-    Cash-or-nothing

-    Asset-or-nothing

In cash-or-nothing binary option, a fixed amount of money is paid when the option expires; while in the case of asset or nothing, the value of the underlying security is paid. Generally, they can go only in one of two directions; if you are right, you get paid, if not, you get nothing. There is no middle ground in trading binary options and traders are advised to be as careful as possible.


Forex trading is the exchange of currencies with the aim of making some profits from the constant price fluctuations that is natural with the foreign exchange market. The whole theory of forex trading is this; when the value of the currency pair is high, traders sell of what they have, and then keep a tag on it till the value depreciates. At this point, they will buy back the currency pair at a lower cost to make some profits. They may decide to cash out all they have at this time, or still go ahead to sell of the currency pair when its price appreciates.


Auto trading means trading with a robot. These robots are usually programmed to carry out certain instructions in a lie trading environment with little or no help from a human trader. Robots can be used to trade binary options and in the forex market.

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