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Like you may already know there is no particular way of trading the forex market. A person’s trading strategy has a lot to do with his or her personality, which is greatly unique at most levels. This is why is important that one trades the forex market personally and consistently to understand how one’s mind works with the currency exchange business and the best strategy that can work with it. When a person gets this sort of personal touch with the forex market, it is possible to come up with unique strategy that has not been heard of in the past. More importantly, this discovery can help others get a better hold on the ideal of trading currencies.

Many professionals in the finance industry have been able to come up with unique ways of carrying out transactions. One of such people is Bradley Cowen; a renowned financial analyst that came up with the Price-time Radius Vector (also known as radius vector PTV). It is worth mentioning at this point that Bradley’s PTV was targeted at the stock market, and it may seem like it is of no use to a forex trader. The opposite is the case because stock and currency trades are hugely related.


PTV is basically about how price and time are related as is seen in the price time charts in forex or other financial market. Any of these charts can be used to calculate the radius vector PTV, with the help of Pythagoras theorem. The radius vector PTV (like the Pythagoras theorem) is the addition of the square of time and price.


There is need for extensive study of this analysis method in order to guarantee a good understanding before application to trades. Every strategy and trading tool ever discovered are not immune to imperfection, and as such risks, which may lead to loss if care is not taken. As a matter of fact, it takes a whole book written about the Price-Time Radius Vector written by Bradley Cowen to have an idea of what this indicator is all about.

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