Economic calendar is an indispensable tool for trading in the Forex market, which is updated in real time. This instrument provides the information on the most important economic indicators and events that influence movements of a trading tool. Especially those traders, whose trading strategy is based on the fundamental analysis, need the economic calendar. Using the economic calendar, LiteForex’s clients will always be abreast of the latest news and will make their trading on the Forex market more deliberate and successful.

Date Country Currency Holiday
Country Central bank Rate Last fluctuation
Australia Australia Reserve Bank of Australia 1.50 2016-08-02
Brazil Brazil Central Bank of Brazil 14.25 2015-07-30
United Kingdom United Kingdom Bank of England 0.25 2016-08-04
Denmark Denmark Danmarks Nationalbank 0.05 2015-01-19
European Union European Union European Central Bank 0.00 2016-03-16
India India Reserve Bank of India 6.50 2016-04-05
Canada Canada Bank of Canada 0.50 2015-07-15
China China People's Bank of China 4.35 2015-10-24
Mexico Mexico Bank of Mexico 4.25 2016-06-30
New Zealand New Zealand Reserve Bank of New Zealand 3.00 2014-04-24
Russia Russia Bank of Russia 10.50 2016-06-14
United States United States Federal Reserve System <0.50 2015-12-16
Turkey Turkey Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey 7.50 2015-02-24
Switzerland Switzerland Swiss National Bank -0.75 2015-01-15
Sweden Sweden Sveriges Riksbank -0.50 2016-02-11
South Africa South Africa South African Reserve Bank 7.00 2016-03-17
Japan Japan Bank of Japan -0.10 2016-08-03