Economic calendar is an indispensable tool for trading in the Forex market, which is updated in real time. This instrument provides the information on the most important economic indicators and events that influence movements of a trading tool. Especially those traders, whose trading strategy is based on the fundamental analysis, need the economic calendar. Using the economic calendar, LiteForex’s clients will always be abreast of the latest news and will make their trading on the Forex market more deliberate and successful.

Date Country Currency Holiday
23.10.2016 Israel ILS Rejoicing of the Law (Simchat Tora) Eve
24.10.2016 Zambia ZMK Independence Day
24.10.2016 New Zealand NZD Labour Day
24.10.2016 Israel ILS Rejoicing of the Law (Simchat Tora)
24.10.2016 Thailand THB Chulalongkorn Day
26.10.2016 Austria EUR National Holiday
28.10.2016 Greece EUR The Ochi day
28.10.2016 Cyprus EUR National Day
28.10.2016 Czech Republic CZK Establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic
28.10.2016 Turkey TRY Republic Day - Early close at 12:30
29.10.2016 Singapore SGD Deepavali
29.10.2016 Malaysia MYR Deepavali
31.10.2016 Hungary HUF Public Holiday
31.10.2016 Chile CLP National Holiday
31.10.2016 Slovenia EUR Reformation Day
31.10.2016 Philippines PHP Special Non Working Holiday
31.10.2016 India INR Diwali
01.11.2016 Peru PEN All Saint's Day
01.11.2016 Austria EUR All Saint's Day
01.11.2016 Poland PLN All Saint's Day
01.11.2016 Croatia HRK All Saint's Day
01.11.2016 Lithuania LTL All Saint's Day
01.11.2016 Hungary HUF All Saint's Day
01.11.2016 Chile CLP All Saint's Day
01.11.2016 Slovenia EUR All Saint's Day
01.11.2016 Slovakia EUR All Saint's Day
01.11.2016 Philippines PHP All Saint's Day
02.11.2016 Ecuador USD All Souls' Day
02.11.2016 Mexico MXN All Souls' Day
02.11.2016 Brazil BRL All Souls' Day
02.11.2016 Mauritius MUR Arrival of Indentured Labourers
03.11.2016 Ecuador USD Independence of Cuenca Day
03.11.2016 Japan JPY Culture Day
04.11.2016 Ecuador USD Independence of Cuenca Day
04.11.2016 Russia RUB Unity Day
04.11.2016 Sweden SEK All Saint's Day - Early close at 13:00
07.11.2016 Venezuela VEB All Saint's Day
07.11.2016 Colombia COP All Saint's Day
09.11.2016 Pakistan PKR Iqbal Day
11.11.2016 Poland PLN Independence Day
14.11.2016 Sri Lanka LKR Ill Full Moon Poya Day
14.11.2016 Colombia COP Independence of Cartagena
14.11.2016 India INR Guru Nanak Jayanti
15.11.2016 Palestinian Territory Independence Day
15.11.2016 Brazil BRL Republic Day
17.11.2016 Czech Republic CZK Freedom Day
17.11.2016 Slovakia EUR Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day
18.11.2016 Latvia LVL National Day
18.11.2016 Oman OMR National Day
18.11.2016 Morocco MAD Day of Independence
21.11.2016 Mexico MXN Day off for revolution day memorial
22.11.2016 Lebanon LBP Independence Day
23.11.2016 Japan JPY Labour Thanksgiving Day
24.11.2016 United States Thanksgiving Day
25.11.2016 Pakistan PKR Quaid-e-Azam Day
28.11.2016 Argentina ARS Day of the national sovereignty
30.11.2016 United Arab Emirates Martyr's Day
30.11.2016 Romania RON St. Andrew's Day
30.11.2016 Philippines PHP Bonifacio Day
01.12.2016 Romania RON National Holiday
02.12.2016 United Arab Emirates National Day
03.12.2016 United Arab Emirates National Day
05.12.2016 Thailand THB H.M. The King's Birthday
06.12.2016 Finland EUR Independence Day
08.12.2016 Peru PEN Immaculate Conception
08.12.2016 Malta EUR Immaculate Conception
08.12.2016 Austria EUR Immaculate Conception
08.12.2016 Colombia COP Immaculate Conception
08.12.2016 Chile CLP Immaculate Conception
08.12.2016 Argentina ARS Immaculate Conception
09.12.2016 Argentina ARS Bridge Holiday
09.12.2016 Tanzania TZS Republic Day
11.12.2016 Jordan JOD Celebration of the Prophet birthday
11.12.2016 Egypt EGP Celebration of the Prophet birthday
11.12.2016 Lebanon LBP Celebration of the Prophet birthday
11.12.2016 Bahrain BHD Celebration of the Prophet birthday
11.12.2016 Palestinian Territory Celebration of the Prophet birthday
11.12.2016 Kuwait KWD Mawlid -al-Nabi
12.12.2016 Bangladesh BDT Eid-Milad-un-Nabi
12.12.2016 United Arab Emirates Mawlid -al-Nabi
12.12.2016 Kenya KES Jamhuri Day (Independence)
12.12.2016 Nigeria NGN Id-E-Milad
12.12.2016 Tunisia TND Celebration of the Prophet birthday
12.12.2016 Mexico MXN Virgin of Guadalupe
12.12.2016 Venezuela VEB Immaculate Conception
12.12.2016 Sri Lanka LKR Eid-Milad-un-Nabi
12.12.2016 Indonesia IDR Celebration of the Prophet birthday
12.12.2016 Pakistan PKR Eid-Milad-un-Nabi
12.12.2016 Thailand THB Constitution Day
12.12.2016 Malaysia MYR Celebration of the Prophet birthday
12.12.2016 Tanzania TZS Celebration of the Prophet birthday
13.12.2016 Malta EUR Republic Day
13.12.2016 Sri Lanka LKR Unduwap Full Moon Poya Day
13.12.2016 Morocco MAD Celebration of the Prophet birthday
14.12.2016 Morocco MAD Celebration of the Prophet birthday
16.12.2016 Bangladesh BDT Victory Day
16.12.2016 Bahrain BHD National Day
16.12.2016 Namibia NAD Day of Reconciliation
16.12.2016 South Africa ZAR Day of Reconciliation
17.12.2016 Bahrain BHD National Day
18.12.2016 Qatar QAR National Day
21.12.2016 Tanzania TZS Holiday
22.12.2016 Zimbabwe ZWR National Unity Day
23.12.2016 Japan JPY Emperor's Birthday
23.12.2016 United Kingdom GBP Christmas Eve - Early close at 12:30
23.12.2016 Ireland EUR Christmas Eve
24.12.2016 Bulgaria BGN Christmas Eve
24.12.2016 Tanzania TZS Christmas Eve
25.12.2016 Zambia ZMK Christmas Day
25.12.2016 Jordan JOD Christmas
25.12.2016 Bangladesh BDT Christmas Day
25.12.2016 United Arab Emirates Christmas
25.12.2016 Kenya KES Christmas Day
25.12.2016 Nigeria NGN Christmas Day
25.12.2016 Bulgaria BGN Christmas
25.12.2016 Lebanon LBP Christmas
25.12.2016 Malawi MWK Christmas
25.12.2016 Rwanda RWF Christmas
25.12.2016 Uganda UGX Christmas
25.12.2016 Indonesia IDR Christmas Day
25.12.2016 Namibia NAD Christmas
25.12.2016 Palestinian Territory Christmas
25.12.2016 Zimbabwe ZWR Christmas
25.12.2016 Singapore SGD Christmas
25.12.2016 South Africa ZAR Christmas
25.12.2016 Malaysia MYR Christmas
25.12.2016 Tanzania TZS Christmas
26.12.2016 Latvia LVL Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Norway NOK Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Kenya KES Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Nigeria NGN Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Malta EUR Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Italy EUR Christmas
26.12.2016 New Zealand NZD Boxing Day
26.12.2016 France EUR Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Bulgaria BGN Christmas
26.12.2016 Greece EUR Synaxis of the Mother of God
26.12.2016 Cyprus EUR Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Portugal EUR Boxing Day
26.12.2016 United Kingdom GBP Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Spain EUR Christmas
26.12.2016 Malawi MWK Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Czech Republic CZK Christmas
26.12.2016 Rwanda RWF Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Uganda UGX Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Austria EUR St. Stephen's Day
26.12.2016 Poland PLN Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Croatia HRK St. Stephen's Day
26.12.2016 Sri Lanka LKR Christmas Day
26.12.2016 Iceland ISK Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Ireland EUR St. Stephen's Day
26.12.2016 Indonesia IDR National Leave
26.12.2016 Namibia NAD Christmas
26.12.2016 Estonia EEK Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Canada CAD Christmas
26.12.2016 Lithuania LTL Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Botswana BWP Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Belgium EUR Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Hungary HUF Christmas
26.12.2016 Finland EUR Boxing Day
26.12.2016 United States Christmas
26.12.2016 Zimbabwe ZWR Public Holiday
26.12.2016 Netherlands EUR Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Australia AUD Christmas
26.12.2016 Romania RON Christmas
26.12.2016 Germany EUR Christmas
26.12.2016 Hong Kong HKD Christmas
26.12.2016 Slovenia EUR Christmas
26.12.2016 Sweden SEK Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Slovakia EUR Christmas
26.12.2016 Denmark DKK Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Luxembourg EUR Boxing Day
26.12.2016 Switzerland CHF Boxing Day
26.12.2016 South Africa ZAR Christmas
26.12.2016 Malaysia MYR Christmas
26.12.2016 Tanzania TZS Boxing Day
27.12.2016 United Kingdom GBP Christmas
27.12.2016 Ireland EUR Christmas
27.12.2016 Canada CAD Boxing Day
27.12.2016 Australia AUD Boxing Day
27.12.2016 Hong Kong HKD Christmas
30.12.2016 United Kingdom GBP New Year's Eve - Early close at 12:30
30.12.2016 Russia RUB New Year's Eve
30.12.2016 Austria EUR Exchange Holiday
30.12.2016 Ireland EUR New Year's Eve
30.12.2016 Germany EUR Half day of trading - Early close at 15:00
30.12.2016 Philippines PHP Rizal Day
31.12.2016 Lebanon LBP New Year's Eve
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Country Central bank Rate Last fluctuation
Australia Australia Reserve Bank of Australia 1.50 2016-08-02
Brazil Brazil Central Bank of Brazil 14.25 2015-07-30
United Kingdom United Kingdom Bank of England 0.25 2016-08-04
Denmark Denmark Danmarks Nationalbank 0.05 2015-01-19
European Union European Union European Central Bank 0.00 2016-03-16
India India Reserve Bank of India 6.50 2016-04-05
Canada Canada Bank of Canada 0.50 2015-07-15
China China People's Bank of China 4.35 2015-10-24
Mexico Mexico Bank of Mexico 4.25 2016-06-30
New Zealand New Zealand Reserve Bank of New Zealand 2.00 2016-08-11
Russia Russia Bank of Russia 10.00 2016-09-19
United States United States Federal Reserve System <0.50 2015-12-16
Turkey Turkey Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey 7.50 2015-02-24
Switzerland Switzerland Swiss National Bank -0.75 2015-01-15
Sweden Sweden Sveriges Riksbank -0.50 2016-02-11
South Africa South Africa South African Reserve Bank 7.00 2016-03-17
Japan Japan Bank of Japan -0.10 2016-08-03