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A currency converter is a calculator that translates the value of a currency to its relative value in another currency. There are different currencies in circulation globally, all of which are involved in international transactions of one form or the other – merchants involved in importations and exportations of goods, students studying in foreign countries, transfer of money from one country to another for one reason or the other, and forex trading of course. All these and more are reasons currencies are converted from one currency to another. With the help of the currency converter, one can easily tell the value of one’s local currency in a foreign currency.


The best way to access a currency converter calculator is online. There may be other sources of converting the values of currencies but doing it through the internet with the online currency converter is far more reliable than any other source because the exchange rate of the online currency converter is in real time. This means that it only works with the current exchange rate; which can change within a second if there is a cause for that. With the online currency converter, one does not have to bother because the value provided in current value.

Also, it is far easier to access the value of a currency in another currency with the online currency converter seeing that the internet is everywhere these days, and that bureau de change offices are not found in every backyard. Thanks to the internet for this ease of converting moneys in different currency pairs, as well as other benefits there is to the use of the internet.


Many currency converters can convert money both forward and backward. Users can calculate currencies from as far back as 1990 to date. All the trader has to do is type the three letter ISO currency symbols, or the name of the countries. Then type the value on the space provided for it and chose a percentage from the interbank rates provided. That is basically all that needs to be done in the process of money conversion with the online currency converter.

There are also other ways of using the online currency pair converter, they include

  1. Tracing a credit card transaction from the past

  2. Making enquiries about how much it will cost to buy make purchases in foreign currencies

  3. Forex trading

  4. Financial accountability when visiting a foreign country.

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