2012-01-24 09:38:00

The pair EUR/USD is traded downward at the Forex currency market on Tuesday morning.

By 9.05 MSK the Euro is at 1.2997 against yesterday's closing level of 1.3034.

Thus, the Euro failed to go above 1.30; yesterday's positive surge was triggered by comments of German monetary politician who did not rule out possibility of merging of ESM and EFSF funds incase of deterioration of economic situation in Eurozone.

Unsettled negotiation between Greece andprivate capital remain a risk factor.

A two-day meeting of the U.S. Federal Reservewill start today; it is expected that interest rate will be kept unchanged.

Most likely the pair EUR/USD will not gobeyond the range of 1.2940-1.3050 at the trading session on Tuesday.