2016-11-07 12:30:58

It became known today that orders in the manufacturing sector in Germany fell by 0.6% in September against the forecast of +0.3%), however on the annual basis the index has grown by 0.6%. According to the German Ministry of Economy the data shows the rise in the industrial production of the country by the end of the year. German industrial production for September will be known on Tuesday at 10:00 (GMT+3). German economy is the driving force of the European economy. German economy is of extreme importance for the economy of the entire region.

However, the key event of this week will be presidential election in the USA on Tuesday 8 November. The impact of the election campaign has had its effect on the financial markets for a few weeks before the election. Future economic policy of the United States and the entire financial market will depend on the result of the election.

In the event Clinton wins, it is expected that the US stock markets and the USD will go up, while safe-haven assts will go down. The world stock markets, including DAX30 index will rise in case of the victory of Clinton and Vice versa. Clinton’s rating has dropped only by 2% against Trump due to new facts submitted by the US FBI against Clinton. However it caused the decline of the U.S. stock indices and the USD by 5% against the Euro.

Last Friday, the index S&p 500 dropped by 0.2%. The index has been declining for the ninth consecutive session, which is the longest period of decline since December 1980. Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 0.2%, and Nasdaq Composite – by 0.9%.

European stock indices were in the negative territory at the closing session last Friday. The index STOXXEurope600 has dropped by 0.8%, British FTSE 100 -by 1.4%, French CAC - by 0.8%, and German DAX30 fell by 0.7%. With the opening of today's Asian trading session American stock indices are growing. With the opening of the European session, European indices have also started to rise.

On Sunday, FBI Director James Comey said in the letter to Congress that FBI did not find evidence of the offence of law in the Hillary Clinton’s correspondence from the private servers.

It is likely that today global indices will go up, although sharp leaps are also possible.