According to Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin capitalization passed ahead of the world’s biggest banks at the weekend. On Saturday, it exceeded a threshold of $100 billion while the cost of 1 bitcoin equalled $6,184. The cryptocurrency slightly dropped right after, but then its dynamics was corrected within an hour.

Yesterday morning, bitcoin capitalization fell, having lost $100 billion. For comparison, the capitalizations of the Stanley bank and Lockheed Martin company amount to $93.1 and $92.2 billion respectively. Both bank’s indices yield to bitcoin capitalization volumes. In the meanwhile, the cryptocurrency yields to BNP Paribas whose capitalization volumes amount to $100.2 billion. For example, the capitalizations of Russia’s Sberbank and Rosneft equal $72.4 and $59.3, respectively.

However, JPMorgan registered much bigger capitalization volumes ($350.2 billion). James Dimon, president and chief executive officer of JPMorgan, is a furious opponent of the cryptocurrency and equates its circulation with fraud. He actually threatened the employees with dismissal for trading in bitcoin.

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