The US dollar is growing to major world currencies due to the increase of 10-year US Treasuries up to 2.4% and the market expectations of the new Fed’s chairperson appointment.

In her speech at the National Economists Club in Washington, the president of the American central bank, Janet Yellen noted that the bank reserves the right to use non-conventional instruments of the economy support if necessary. She emphasized that inflation indices that year became a “surprise” to the bank which would follow the situation. Now the market participants asses the likelihood of the US rate being raised up to 90 %. A few month ago the estimate was 70%.

Besides, the Japanese yen rate is decreasing due to the results of early elections in Japan. Because the Liberal-Democratic Party and “Komato” party have got two-thirds of the parliamentary seats, the softening of the monetary policy in the country became less likely.

The single European currency rate is influenced badly by the Catalan situation. The confrontation between the government and the local Catalan authorities continues.

EUR is 1.1766 USD today against 1.1784 USD the day before. The US dollar increased to the Japanese yen up to 133.82 yens against 133.77 yens the day before.

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