One of the world’s leading bitcoin developers, Jeff Garzik, announced his intention to develop the first cryptocurrency, able to switch between blockchains, and named it Metronome. The software developer gave an example, where the coins used for, Ethereum application, can be shifted to Ethereum Classic before switching to Qtum or Rootstock. Token owners will be able to manage their assets location, and in case of a conflict between the developers, which can cause the blockchain to collapse, to save their assets.

eff Gazik is going to present Metronome at the conference Money 20/20 in Las Vegas today, on October 24. In his turn, the developer of Bloq (last year declared a start-up blockchain by Garzik), Matthew Roszak called the prospective Metronome “a really eternal cryptocurrency”.

The platform for Metronome token issue will be Ethereum. Within a few months after the improved cryptocurrency is launch, there also will be launched the support for Ethereum Classic and other blockchains.

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