The funds of Parity multi-sig Ethereum wallet have been frozen, after its critical vulnerability was discovered. The issue solution can require a hardfork.

After July, 20 multi-sign wallets were created, that is the multi-sig contract version, where the critical flaw was discovered. There is a suggestion, that the issue was caused by an “accidental” command of a multi-sig contract user to suicide. Due to that, $154 million in ether is frozen in multi-sig wallets .

According to Ethereum developers, the vulnerability is not in the network, but in multi-sig codes, which were written over blockchain and can’t be canceled after the activation, as well as the bags inside them. It is thought, that the multi-sig contracts technology is still imperfect. But cryptocurrency community members blame Parity Technologies for all.

The the frozen funds data are obtained from the affected contracts analysis. The amount is three times higher than that of funds, stolen during the DAO hack

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