Eurozone’s GDP continues growing in the third quarter 2017. As the Eurostat agency has reported, EU’s and Eurozone’s GDP increased 0.6% in the period from July to September as compared with the previous quarter value.

Compared to a year-ago value, the growth in the third quarter 2017 is 2.5% more. At the same time, Eurozone’s GDP grew in the second quarter too, by 0.7%.

The most successful Eurozone countries in terms of GDP growth are Romania (2.6%), Latvia (1.5%), Poland (1.1%), and Finland (1.1%). Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia registered 0.8% growth.

In its turn, US GDP has been rising too. According to Eurostat, the growth in Q3 is 0.7% this year compared with a year-ago value of 2.3%.

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