Germany suggested that subsidy payments to E.U. countries be bound to their observance of a rule-of-law state’s principles. Such was a suggestion of Uwe Beckmeyer, German parliamentary state secretary and federal ministry for economic affairs, at the meeting of the EU Council in Brussels on Wednesday.

Other European countries, such as France, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Belgium supported the initiative.  However, the states that, according to some data, had gien rise to that initiative opposed it. These are Poland and Hungary, earlier accused of non observing European values.

Most EU Parliament’s deputies supported the suggestion of checking Poland for compliance with rule-of-law principles. In particular, the country is being accused of non-respecting the principle of judicial independence and the right of freedom of assembly.  As to Hungary, the country is accused of violating freedom of assembly and association and the right to protection of private life and private data. Besides, Brussels thinks that Hungary restricts the free movement of capital within the European Union.

If subsidy payments will be bound to compliance with a rule-of-law state’s principles, it will happen no earlier than next year. New budget allocation will take place starting from 2020 or even 2021.

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