Bitcoin reached its all-time high near $8000 between Thursday night and Friday morning at Bifinex trading session. The cryptocurrency price has risen by 9.03% during only a day, the total Bitcoin capitalization exceeded $132 billion.

The price growth speeded up in the last few hours on the exchange, however, having reached its high, it started gradual decline. Already on Friday morning it dropped to $7897.36. It should be noted, that on other trading exchanges, Bitcoin was also growing, but didn't reach level 8000, although it was close to.

After recent Bitcoin fall by 30%, it has started to rise fast and not only restored, but renewed its all-time for just four days. Remember, that level 7000 was reached only two weeks ago.

Bitcoin Dominance index is 57.5%. That means, it the most popular and demanded cryptocurrency of all. Its price has grown up nearly eight times since the beginning of 2017.

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