Bitcoin price reached a new all-time high of $8100 on Sunday evening. After that the cryptocurrency rate started to go down to 7770 on Bitfinex. Bitcoinwas trading above 7950 on other exchanges, according to Coinmarketcap.

Bitcoin price has increased by more than $800 or 8%. Last week it dropped below $6000 and set a few records too, having been first at 7000 and then at 8000.

Total bitcoin marketcap also hits the records approaching $227 billion. A daily exchange trading volume is about $5 billion.

Fast bitcoin surge began a week ago amid positive news about new cryptocurrency futures products launch as well as the development of assets storage service for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The rate increase was predicted by analysts from investment bank Goldman Sachs earlier this month. The firm's analysts have published several forecasts since earlier this year, notably predicting some of the cryptocurrency price developments.

It should be noted, that having hit the high, on Monday morning, bitcoin didn't drop and is trading near $8000.

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