Uber Technologies acknowledged a cover-up of the breach of the personal information that affected 57 million customers and drivers worldwide. The theft of names, addresses, and phone numbers took place in 2016.

Hackers managed to get the names, email addresses and mobile phone numbers of 50 million customers and the personal data of 7 million drivers, including the numbers of 600,000 driver’s licenses. Uber’s representative assure that bank card data haven't been stolen.

Uber’s former CEO Travis Kalanick was aware of the breach, but the clients were not informed. Instead, the company paid hackers 100,000 USD to delete the stolen information. Those actions may be regarded as a violation of particular states’ consumer protection laws.

New York state’s prosecutor has already started investigating last year’s breach. These circumstances may aggravate the problems that Uber has been facing lately, namely, many legal issues and problems connected with big investments.

The management of the company represented by Chief Security Officer and Vice-Officer Dara Khosrowshahi have already apologized to the company clients affected.

Last time, such a big breach of personal data in the USA took place at Credit rating firm Equifax when the personal data of 145 million clients were stolen.

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