In South Dakota, the USA, Keystone pipeline spilled 795, 000 liters of oil, says CBS.

TransCanda, which controls Keystone, had to cut crude oil deliveries by 85% on Keystone pipeline through to the end of November.

The accident was caused by the breakage of the pipeline, delivering crude oil from oil sands in Canada to the production companies in the to U.S. refineries. The leak occurred near the town of Amherst, South Dakota. That caused a large spill, which was fixed by shutting down of a large part of the pipeline.

It is interesting, that the accident occurres a couple of days before before Nebraska committee announce a decision on whether the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, a sister project, can move forward. The project was frozen in 2015 by Barack Obama because of a possible hazard to the environment. In 2017, the project development was resumed by Donald Trump’s decision.

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