Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of the Amazon platform, became $2.5 billion richer on Black Friday. According to Bloomberg, his fortune exceeded 100 billion usd reaching 100.3 billion usd following the great sell-out.

What’s more, the company’s success on Black Friday gave rise to much optimism in investors, and Amazon shares grew over 2%.

As compared with the last year, Amazon sale-out figures grew almost 20%.

In general, founder Jeff Bezos increased his fortune by 32.6 billion usd over the year 2016, which is an absolute record on Bloomberg’s billionaires list.

It’s the first time Jeff Bezos outran Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, whose fortune did not exceed a level of 100 billion usd and who used to be the richest person on Earth. Now this title belongs to Bezos who left Gates on the second place as far back as July.

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