Great Britain agreed to pay a brexit bill worth 45-55 billion euros, says Daily Telegraph with reference to sources on both sides.

The newspaper emphasized that the UK and the EU had reached an “agreement-in-principle” over the issue of the UK brexit settlement.

A meeting of Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president, and Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, is taking place next Monday. The meeting has to bring to an end discussions about the Brexit worth for Great Britain.

Earlier, Junker had already stated that the UK would have to pay its financial commitments as Brexit implies the end of obligations assumed by a country leaving the bloc. The European Union voiced different requirements, including a payment worth 60 billion euros. The British government may have managed to lower the divorce price.

Besides settling their accounts, the two sides have to agree 2 more important issues: the first refers to the Irish border, and the second - to the supremacy of  European Court of Human Rights over EU citizens that will continue to reside in the UK after Brexit.


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