Apple Inc announced its plans to pay $38 billion of taxes to return foreign capital back to the USA. Besides, the corporation said it would invest $30 billion in U.S. economy, construct a new campus and create 20 000 new jobs.

Besides, Apple also told the employees about about stock-based bonuses worth $2,500 each following the U.S. tax reform that cuts the corporate tax payments, according to Bloomberg.

American business editions are septic about Apple’s statements. The number of jobs published was especially doubted. Experts are not unite, interpreting the company’s press-release that is unusually long and full of multi billion dollar amounts.

Nevertheless, the corporation press-release pledges to invest $10 billion of the stated $30 billion in U.S. data centers. Besides, Apple is going to invest in modern manufacturing technologies fund, created a year ago.

Apple assess its total contribution to the US economy at $350 billion over the next five years. all current expenses are considered, including about $ billion in 2018 and new investments, but not the tax revenues by the company, its employees and partners. The president of the country, Donald Trump was attracted by the amount of investment. He praised Apple in his Twitter and also noted that other corporations, following Apple, will bring large capitals back to the USA.

However, experts note that the only fact of Apple’s paying the taxes doesn’t necessarily mean that the money will be spent on the development of the country’s economy.

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