This week, traders’ attention will be riveted on US, UK’s and Germany’s inflation reports, information on economic growth in Japan and employment in Australia.

Monday, February 12. Publication of Switzerland’s Consumer price index 

Tuesday, February 13. Office for National Statistics will publish data on January’s inflation in the UK.   Experts believe inflation will slightly slow down year-on-year, to 2.9% , staying close to a 6-year peak of 3.0%.

Wednesday, February 14. US Trade Ministry will report on January’s inflation and retail sale volumes.    Consumer prices are expected to grow 0.3% while core inflation will go up 0.2%. According to experts, retail sale volumes will grow 0.5% in January while the retail sales index will increase 0.2%. 

Data on German inflation in January will be released on Wednesday as well. Consumer prices are expected to grow 1.6%. Updated information on Eurozone’s economic growth in fourth quarter will be published on the same day.

Japan will provide a preliminary report on economic growth in fourth quarter and data on core machinery orders. According to forecasts, Japan’s economy will grow 0.2%.

Thursday, February 15. The USA will release data on producer prices, industrial output, construction permits, new house construction, initial jobless claims and activity in the manufacturing sector of Philadelphia and New York.     Australia will publish a report on January's employment. The unemployment rate is expected to drop to 5.4%.

Friday, February 16. The UK will release a report on retail sales, which will be a new signal for traders concerning Brexit’s influence on the economy. 

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