Bitcoin was 11%, close to the level of 10000 at the end of trading on Thursday. The most popular cryptocurrency dropped down to $6000 earlier this month.

Bitcoin was trading at the level of 9 888 USD on Bitfinex, having reached its high since February 1. The cryptocurrency grew in price by more than 19% for week ended February 9. Neverthelss, bitcoin price has dropped by more than 30% since the beginning of 2018.

Other cryptocurrencies are growing in price as well. Ethereum was 9% up, at 944.28 USD on Bitfinex, and  Ripple went 10% up, to 1.12 USD. Litecoin  was trading at 229.08 USD, having increased by about 26%.

Cryptocurrency quotes started rising after the South Korea’s authorities announced on Wednesday that they would allow the country’s cryptocurrency exchanges to continue operating. Besides, investors have responded positively to the U.S. regulators’ statement about the necessity of a balanced cryptocurrency market regulation and the protection of investors.

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