US President Donald Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and replaced him with Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA. The news was announced through Trump’s tweeter.

“Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State.  He will do a fantastic job!  Thank you to Rex Tillerson for his service!”, Trump tweeted.

The US president said, the reason for the ouster was his disagreement with his now-former secretary of state over the Iran deal.

“When you look at the Iran deal: I think it’s terrible. I guess he thought it was OK. I wanted to either break it or do something, he felt a little differently. So we are not thinking the same”, Trump told reporters on board his helicopter en route to California. Trump also said, they got along actually quite well, but they disagreed on things.

As to the new secretary of state, he has a similar mindset. “With Mike, Mike Pompeo, we have a very similar thought process.  I think it’s going to go very well”, Trump said.

The mass media had reported earlier some tension between Trump and Tillerson and a possible dismissal from Tillerson’s post of state secretary, but they both denied the rumour.

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