The US national debt exceeded $ 21 trillion for the first time, according to the official information from the US government.

It was over $ 21 trillion 31.067 billion on March 15. It exceeded the level of $21 trillion in September.

The US Department of Treasury reported last week on a monthly deficit of $ 215.248 billion in February, up 12.1 % from the same month last year ($192.044 billion). Budget revenues are 9.4% down at $155.623 billion, including 2% reduction in the income tax collections

At the same time, the spending grew 2% higher, to $370.871 billion. In particular, this is due to the growth of interest payments on public debt by 9% to $ 28 billion, as well as payments related to the elimination of the consequences of last year’s natural disasters.

For the five months of the 2018 fiscal year that began on October 1 last year, the deficit of the US budget increased by 11.5% to $ 390.965 billion compared to $ 350.624 billion for the comparable period a year earlier.

The amount of budget revenues since the beginning of the current fiscal year increased by 2.4% to $ 1.286 trillion, while spending went up by 4.4% and exceeded $ 1.677 trillion.

The White House predicts the budget deficit to increase up to $ 833 billion in 2018.

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