US president Donald Trump signed a document on Thursday, entrusting U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to ensure the introduction of duties on the import of Chinese goods.

During the broadcast from the White House, Donald Trump announced imposing tariffs on up to $60 billion per year in Chinese imports. Previously, representatives of the White House  reported to the American media on the measures, affecting Chinese imports, amounting to about $50 billion per year.

These measures “have long been brewing, in a relatively short period of time we lost 60 thousand plants,” said D. Trump.

The American president also accused the PRC of the theft of intellectual property of the US and American companies. “I consider them friends”, he said, at the same time expressed regret that China’s surplus in trade relations with the US went out of control.

“The EU and South Korea are also engaged in unfair trade”,  he added.

Lighthouse and its department are to prepare a list of Chinese goods, subject to US duties, within 15 days.

Expected volume of goods subject to duties ($ 60 billion) – more than 10% of US imports from China. Initially, the US president was offered a set of measures for products worth $ 30 billion, but he insisted on a more rigid approach.

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