U.S. President Donald Trump signed a proclamation late on Thursday, suspending tariffs on steel and aluminum imports for Argentina, Australia, Brazil, South Korea, Canada, Mexico and the European Union, the U.S.’s biggest trading partner, until May 1, 2018

"These suspensions are based on factors including ongoing discussions regarding measures to reduce global excess capacity in steel and aluminium production by addressing its root causes”, the White House said in statement.

Washington welcomes the countries, not exempted from the list, to “discuss with the United States alternative ways to address the threatened impairment of the national security”. By May 1, Trump will decided whether to continue to exempt these countries from the tariffs.The EU will negotiate on behalf of its members.

The document emphasizes that the U.S. reserves the right to change the tariffs, and the administration will attentively monitor steel and aluminium imports from the countries, temporarily exempted from the tariffs.

Thus, from March 23 the tariff will apply only to a half of all steel and aluminum imports into the USA.

Earlier, the U.S. president Donald Trump announced his decision to impose import duties of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum, exempting Mexico and Canada from them. The Eu leaders were talking on securing permanent exemption from the U.S. tariffs on Thursday.

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