The annual inflation rate is up to 1.3% in the Eurozone in March, from 1.1% in February, according to the report published by the statistical office of the European Union, Eurostat. In the European Union, annual inflation rate is slightly up to 1.5%, compared to 1.4% in February.

A year ago, in March, 2017, the inflation rate was at 1.5% and 1.6% in the Eurozone and the EU respectively.

Compared with February, annual inflation decreased in six Member States, remained stable in six and rose in fifteen ones.

In Cyprus, there has been registered deflation at 0.4% for the second month in a row. The lowest annual rates were registered in Greece (0.2%) and Denmark (0.4%). The highest annual rates were recorded in Romania (4.0%), Estonia (2.9%), Slovakia and Lithuania (both 2.5%).

In March 2018, the highest impact on the annual Eurozone inflation rate was made by services (+0.67 percentage point), followed by food, alcohol and tobacco (+0.41 pp), energy (0.20 pp) and industrial goods (0.07 pp).

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