The European Union is willing to impose preliminary measures to respond to the US import tariffs, EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom announced.

“We can take pre-measures in July already. This is what we are going to discuss”, she commented.

Remember, the new US tariffs on steel and aluminum, incoming from the EU, of 25% and 10% respectively, came into effect on June 1. According to Malmstrom, the EU is now estimating the damage to the industry, caused by the US tariffs.

“The consequences are that the American business, the American companies and the American consumers, who we don’t want to punish but that is the unfortunate consequence, will react and they will put pressure on the American administration,” she said.

On June 20, the EU introduced 25% import tariffs on some US goods. They are temporary measures that will operate as long as the US new tariff exist.

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