Does forex trading work

Most beginners in forex trading tend to experience losses at the initial part of their trading career. Even the ones that were so prepared to rock and roll in the forex market end up empty handed after their first set of trades. As a result of inexperience and mostly lack of patience (a virtue that a lot of people lack) many throw in the towel at this point believing that forex is nothing but a scam. Meanwhile, there are traders who make real profit from the forex market and are not ashamed of sharing their testimonies with the world. These two reports are contradicting; it makes people ask the question “does forex trading really work?”


The truth is that forex trading works. It is possible to make a decent living from it but you better not think you will get all that by folding your arms all day dreaming about a life you will never have except you put in some work. Just because you have to sit behind your computer to trade the forex market does not make it easy – there is so much work to be done. Anyone that wants to make the forex market work for him or her will have to learn virtuous characters, involving patience, dedication, and persistence.


Now that we have established the fact that forex trading works and many traders make good living from it, it is then time for us to go into how exactly it works. The very first thing every trader should know is that there is no specific method of trading the forex market. There are a lot of things you need to learn from others that were there before you, but you will have to figure most of it out yourself. The points listed in this article are just few of the forex basics every trader must know, the rest you will have to figure out yourself.

  1. Start from the very beginning if you must know how the forex market works. Knowing the foundation of it all makes you grounded and equipped for the more complex part of the market. The basics of it involve studying the market theoretically, choosing a reputable broker to register with, and demo trading.

  2. When you eventually go live, start little. Do not be overcome by the desire to make huge money overnight. Only invest the mush you are willing to lose.

  3. Trade not with the mindset to make money but the mindset to get it right. Placing your focus on money will only distract you from doing your best in the forex market.

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