Fish forex robot 4g

Every currency investor depends on one of many trading platforms to make a successful and profitable Forex career. While names such as MetaTrader and Bloomberg surface the market predominantly, there are more to these than which meet the eye.  These “more” are known as Forex robots or simply platform add-ons. These robots sit on top of MT4 or Bloomberg and function like apps in an Android or iOS environ. However, while a plethora of currency bots have made their name, the Fish Forex robot 4G stands out from the crowd.

A deeper insight into Fish robot 

According to veterans of this market, Fish is one of the oldest and most useful bots used by investors since 2010. It dwells in indicators and ponders on market volatilities to trace out profitable opening and closing positions for investors.

In fact, with Fish, one can also choose to leverage one’s position in the ratio of 50:1 or 100:1 depending on the trading volume. The new version, Fish 4G brings in a host of improvements and a couple of detection algorithms that help it thrive in this competitive world. Let’s take a look at its working mechanism.

Fish Forex robot 4G – modus operandi:  

Forex fish robot works taking into consideration EUR/USD as its primary currency pair. It exploits the differences of exchange rate between the opening and closing price points of this currency pair. On an average, daily price fluctuations for the EUR/USD currency pair varies between 10 and 40 pips (subject to variations).

When the position opens at 18:00 GMT, this bot opens up a position that can overwhelm the target price and go beyond the Outcry rates. This corresponds to a ‘sell order’ and ‘buy order’ respectively within an 18mins time frame.

Positions close once EUR/USD reaches its target which in case of Fish bot happens 84 out of 100 times on an average.

Leverage in Fish 

One can choose to leverage one’s position with Fish Forex robot 4G allowing investors to dwell in significantly higher volumes of investments. Here’s how it works,

Suppose an investor chooses to buy EUR/USD worth $100. However, the present market indicates high volatility. So, he can leverage his account in the ratio of 100:1 (say) and purchase currencies worth $10,000. This, in turn, increases his total investment volume and his overall profit margin as well.

Advantages of using Fish bot 

  • Versatility that allows the incorporation of multiple currency trades in a single time frame.

  • Frequent updates ensuring errand free performance.

  • Multi-OS compatible making it highly operative in Android, Windows, Mac as well as similar other environments.

  • Forex fish robot is compatible with both MetaTrader and Bloomberg.

  • User Friendly CX.

Additional information on Fish Forex robot 4G 

One of the biggest features of this robot is its capability to alert traders in case of a highly volatile market release. These news come marked in red and have the capability to move this currency market in a significant manner. Fish Forex ensures that such occurrences are monitored precisely and helps an investor to hedge his position in case of crisis.

So, why the delay? Contact a reliable broker now, sign up with a demo account on MT4 or MT5 and install your Fish Forex robot 4G to thrive in this currency market.

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteForex. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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