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Forex analytical review is essential because forex trading demands great focusing. It pays back enough for the trader to conduct analysis before pushing for a trade.Every analysis can bring critical incomes and positive payback from the fulfillment of the traders accomplishments. The best thing for the trader is to get the tools and utilize them to get to know the market tendencies and also predict their changes.This analysis tools can be any of the followings;



This remains a thorough instrument for any trader whose insight stretches beyond making money in the’s the analysis of the current events on the market & extreme look at the judgments of experts that will guide the trader.


The part of the economic article is useful to the trader that wants to broaden his world views & looks for new ideas that move the market. It is impossible to work on the market for long without getting to know the fundamental principles that guide the market. Economic articles thus provide the platform for the trader.


This is a good tool for timely analysis of the current market tendencies. Charts on the main currency pairs provide the necessary information regarding price fluctuations.


Each state has an internal monetary policy whose tools control the Nation's economy.Among such tools are base refinancing rate, which in the process of developing financial systems largely becomes a pointing factor & central banks operation rates on market through which the banks carries out transactions & in so doing regulate The liquidity of the banking system & inflation gains on the individual areas & financial sectors.


There are different ways of analyzing the forex markets in hope the trading.

  1. Fundamental tools

  2. Technical tools

  3. Sentiment tools


This focuses mainly on currency's interest rates. Other fundamentals factors are GDP, Inflation, and economic growth rate. When investors are in risk of trading, it's good to use the fundamental tools. It is impossible to fulfill fundamental analysis due to the fact that some factors may have different influence on the markets success or failure. The success of the fundamental analysis depends on the right combination of these components in the market fundamental analysis considers the following indicators;

  1. Inflation rates

  2. Interest rates of banks

  3. State solvency

  4. Investor sentiment

  5. Competitiveness of the product

  6. State of real estate and labor markets

  7. Indicators of trading balance etc

The main components of the F.A (fundamental analysis) are the analytical research, policies, macroeconomic Indicators of the country and unknown natural phenomenon.  The feature of the F.A is its stance on long term deals which is why most traders don't embark on this tool.


This tool makes Use of the currency forecast based on images of charts using technical indicators. It’s great to determine the future direction of price movement based outcomes past. The advantage of this analysis is the opportunity to use it in short & middle term forecast. T.A is based on 3 parts;

  1. Market governs everything

  2. Price moves are in particular directions

  3. Market has historical repeat patterns


If sentiments are arguably in one direction it means that the traders’ minds are fixed towards the direction meaning that rumors govern the market.


  1. Entry and exit points; analysis shows a more specific time to make a move on a stock and capture the value and when not to engage.

  2. Volume trend: tells us about the traders’ sentiments & what's going on in the minds of traders.

  3. Visual indications:  Because people are visually oriented with this tool the trader can track down patterns & take decisions faster....


  1. low level of predictions

  2. Volatility due to uncertainty of the market...


There isn't any best method of analysis. Depending on trader’s information and time both tools are viable option. For short term traders Technical is the Best option but for long term traders’ fundamental analysis is advised.

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteForex. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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