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Trading with a forex auto pilot can be profitable in trades, but at the same time, it can cause loss of money. Anyone that must trade with a forex auto pilot robot should know that forex trading is not a business for the lazy man, even with an auto pilot. Nothing beats proper education and personal training in the forex market. So do not think that one can simply make all the money in the world just by trading with forex system auto pilot robot. So, yes, it is possible to make money trading with a forex autopilot robot, if you are well educated in what it takes to do so. For a start, here is an over view of forex autopilots system.


A forex autopilot system is a software application that does forex trading in an automated manner. It is a programmed to have trading bots in a software format, which can be installed on a computer. It was developed by a professional forex trader named Marcus Leary, with the help of his team. Forex auto pilot was optimized for the best performance on EUR USD currency pair, under the 1 minute time frame. This is to say that it was designed for the majority of forex traders, who are mostly day traders. It is important to note that the forex autopilot software is a script designed for the Metatrader platform, and as such, can only be run on Metatrader 4/5 platforms. It is based on several modern indicators to function efficiently and give its users maximum performance.

From the creators’ point of view, the “no fixed stop loss” is a better way to trade the market than using the “fixed stop loss” parameter. Considering this, they went ahead to make the robot function with “no fixed stop loss” approach in trades. It can trade with other EAs, manual orders, and features money management auto feature, and trailing stops.


1.    It is user and beginner friendly. It also has the ability to monitor several market situations at the same time.

2.    The software app is easy to install following the instruction manuals it came with.

3.    There is a two months money back guarantee offer, making it hard not to try, even for traders that might be skeptical about it.

4.    There is also an efficient customer support team ready to answer any questions about forex auto pilot robots.


The forex autopilot is good for traders only if they know how to use it. Nothing beats a good education in forex if one is looking at making anything out of it.

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