Forex client terminal

In a general context, a terminal is a device that enables one to communicate with a computer, basically made of a keyboard and a display screen. As a device, a terminal can be any of the following

  • An intelligent terminal

  • A smart terminal

  • A dumb terminal

It is common knowledge that a computer system on its own cannot do much. Without the necessary software applications, a computer is simply useless. For a system to function efficiently there is need for the installation of an OS (Operating system). After the installation of the OS, the user (the owner of the system) can then go ahead to download/install other software applications as needed.

There are different types of software applications; some of which are necessary in every terminal irrespective of what the system is for. There are like the basic needs of every computer system. The most important of them all is the operating system, and the other ones include

  • Word processor for writing

  • Spreadsheet for tracking budgets or investments, as well as other calculations

  • Power points for creating slide shows for meetings

  • Web browser for accessing data on the internet


A forex client terminal is a work station substantially equipped to facilitate efficient transactions in the financial market. A forex client terminal is meant for transactions such as futures, currency exchange, CFDs, bonds, etc. To put it simply, a forex client terminal is a computer system equipped with all the software applications a trader needs to access the forex market.

The basic thing in a forex client terminal is the trading platform. Once a trader has downloaded a compatible trading platform into his or her system, the trader has equipped the system with what it needs to access the forex market. The trader can place orders to either buy or sell currency pairs or other commodities, demo trade, make deposits, and make profits too. With this trading platform, the forex broker can communicate with client even in real time; carrying out the necessary orders placed by their clients as soon as possible.


A forex client terminal is a computer system that provides all the necessary tools and resources needed to analyze the price changes of the forex market, place orders to either buy or sell, and create/use automated trading programs (expert Advisors). It is everything a trader needs to succeed folded into one system.

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