Forex combo 1 4

The forex combo was designed based close study of many winning trade by recording those trades and what strategy that delivered success in each of them; which is typically how to develop a trading system. After a while of studying successful trades, the forex combo team claimed to have developed a pattern that was deeply rooted to four trading strategies. It is based on these strategies that the forex combo trading system was developed. They include

-    Trend detection

-    Scalping

-    Range detection

-    Market corrections


In the trend detection trading strategy, data is tracked and analyzed in real time, and used in the predicting price movement. Traders that are well skilled and experienced in trend detection use this trading plan to make profitable trades by accurately looking for market signs that signals sustained and profitable trends.


The forex combo 1 4 employs the scalping trading method in its format. Scalping is a trading strategy that focuses on making profits from small price actions. Many traders are into scalping because it matches high success probability with low risk. The spread may be small, but when there are a lot of them, it adds up to boost overall return.


If the market is trending profitably up or down, any trader at all can make money from that. However, the market does not trend 50% of the time, and it can actually be difficult at this point to detect the price movement and how to trade profitably. The forex combo 1 4 applies an algorithm that can detect the price movement of a non trending market and adjust it trade detection as required.


When there is a market trend reversal, large pip spread opportunities are created, and great profits occur. The market correction strategy aims at a reverse movement of at least 10% in a security to adjust certain over evaluation. They are temporal price decline that interrupts an uptrend in the market. One of the strategy of the forex combo system 1 4 is to target the end of a current trend and capture deep market corrections. Once it is possible to correctly predict where the market will reverse, the system carried out thousands of calculations in real time to come up with the most beneficial output.

The forex combo 1 4 can be implemented to automatically evaluate the market and produce opportunities for probably high successful trading opportunities. With its trading algorithm, you can uncover hidden trading opportunities in any market condition.

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