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Remember that the forex market deals with a lot of exchange rates which come in different strengths. These exchange rates can also be used to calculate the strength or weakness of a currency in the market at a particular time.

A forex currency meter is a tool which gives the trader a quick visual guide to which of the currencies are currently strong in the marker and which ones are weak. In a nutshell, it indicates the strength of the currency in the market at the time of access. The meter also measures the strength of all the forex cross pairs and applies calculations on them in order to arrive at a final destination with the currencies that are the strongest or weakest in the market. It does this by analyzing the strength of each individual currency.


The forex currency meter takes readings from all the available forex pairs over a period of 24 hours and applies calculations to each of them. After the calculations, it bundles together each of the associated pairs to an individual currency (NSD/USD, NSD/JPY, NSD/GBP for example) and finds the present strength.

The forex currency meters are updated every minute in order for the meter to be able to analyze the current strength of the currency in the market. Once you refresh the page, you will be able to see any changes that must have occurred in the strengths.



One of the major reasons behind the creation of the forex currency meter was to serve as a guide to the traders on how to invest in the market since it usually provides them with information about the strength of the currency in the market. By analyzing the currency as a pair or individually traders can be able to understand the market trend better and also be able to plan their investment by leveraging on the strength of the currency.


Forex trade is all about market analysis. Analysis such as currency exchange rates, commissions and leverages are some of the factors that needs to be kept into check when investing or planning to invest in the forex market.  The meter can be used to calculate the strength of a currency pair in relation to others which makes easy for analysis to be carried out.

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