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A gold coin referred to as the dīnāra was conjointly introduced to Bharat by the Kushan Empire within the first century AD, and adopted by the Gupta Empire and its successors up to the sixth century.Gold dinar could be a modern bullion gold coin. The English word "dinar" is the written text of the Arabic dinar which was gotten via the Syriacdīnarā from the Greek (denárion), it was coined from the Latin worddenarius, which isa tiny low silver coin.The dinar is known as the main currency unit in trendy circulation in seven mostly-Islamic and 2 mostly-Orthodox (Serbia and Macedonia) countries, and has historic use in many of it.

Dinar unit was employed in many geographical region countries, as well as Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, and African country. It absolutely was 1st introduced as Associate in Nursing within the late seventh century Ce by ʿAbd al-Malik, the fifth swayer (685–705) of the Umayyad phratry. The dinar dates from Roman times, once it absolutely was referred to as denarius.

Among the countries within which the dinar is employed, Republic of Iraq was the primary to achieve independence as a contemporary state. The dinar is split into twenty dirhams and which is the equivalent of one thousandfills. The financial organization of Republic of has the only real authority to issue banknotes and coins in Iraq. Banknotes are issued in denominations starting from 250 to fifty thousand dinars. Inflation was largely the results of wars and international economic sanctions within the Eighties and Nineties, which made getting power of the currency, rendering coins just about obsolete when 1990. However, in 2004, when the beginning of the Republic of Iraq War, new 25- and 100-dinar coins were introduced; each were later on withdrawn. The fronts and backs of each banknotes and coins contain pictures, symbols, and text of Arab historical significance, as well as the spiral tower in Samarra and also the Dokan Dam on the insufficient Zab watercourse.


This dinar chart allows you to see this pair's currency rate history for up to ten years and live mid-market dinar rates. Countries who uses the dinar include Algeria(Algerian dinar), Bahrain(Bahraini dinar), Iraq(Iraqi dinar), Jordan(Jordanian dinar), Kuwait(Kuwaiti dinar), Libya(Libyan dinar), Macedonian(Macedonian dinar), Serbia( Serbian dinar), Tunisia(Tunisia dinar). The currency code for Dinars is IQD, and also the currency image is د.ع. The most popular dinar exchange rate is the USD to IQD rate.Some of the reasons why the dinar has a high value is due to the fact that, it is a fixed rate currency, therefore, it maintains its high value without being directly affected by either the market supply or market demand. 

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