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Forex organizations are the institutions that are authorized by law and different jurisdictions to publicly predict the price movements. This organization's may be the International monetary fund (IMF) & world trade organizations. These are the only organizations approved by all countries to predict the movement of the prices. Any other type publication or economic book asides these ones may be unacceptable. These organizations undergo strenuous research before posting predictions to the populace. These predictions could be in the daily forecasts, weeks or monthly forecast.


Things to know about these organizations are that they are the only organization charged with forecast. Of course, it's only wise to take this forecast with caution as to prevent excess losses in investments due to poor research. They may include the following;

  1. They are the 1st body charged with forecasting publicly

  2. They com duct research on trends, periodic charts & The Elliot wave to form analysis / probabilities of where this prices tend to go

  3. This analysis are not always 100% accurate but there accuracy is almost close to the true value

  4. They should be taken as estimations not more


The IMF is the sole organization charged with the responsibility of donating money to poorly developed countries or countries that are going through turmoil. They also under the direction of the U.N release the GDP of different nations thereby tracking the extent of growth of this countries in relative to what they are supposed to be, this results are then made public to enable the traders kick start their trading positions. Of course it is known fact that latest news does not dominate, they just play advisory roles.


The IMF is the body charged to donating money to poor underdeveloped countries in order to meet their sustainable goals. This increases the growth rate of the country involved. Their importance could be any of the following;

  • The IMF is a forecast organization in conjunction with the world trade organization

  • They also perform the same work as the world trade organization only that their workings are restricted

  • They provide predictions that could be trusted by the traders in making good decisions

  • The IMF is among the bodies that are influential and should be taken as such


The world trade organization is the only organization that is supreme in forecasts. The trades  are controlled by this body as they can also determine in approximate times where the price movements is going to, through the various technical analysis, analytical analysis personnel on their disposal. They also donate to world trades especially in fixing prices of oil that should be sold each day.

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