Forex holiday trading schedule

Forex holiday trading schedule refers to the line of action already mapped out by a forex trader in order to be able to survive in the market during trading holidays. In forex trade, there is a need to take note of all the important holidays that may likely occur in the trading year since these periods of holidays are usually characterized by the closure of the forex market and trades. This is largely so because most of the financial institutions and brokers will be on holidays and may not offer full services. 

One major issue with Forex holidays is that they are characterized by a period of liquidity on the market but this shouldn’t be a thing of worry as they can be annulled as soon as the market reopens. 

Before planning your trading strategy for the year, bear in mind that there will be holidays and your investment will need to be protected during these periods of inactivity. Find below a forex holiday table for December, 2017. 

Holiday    Markets Closed

12/08/2017    Friday    Immaculate Conception    Santiago Stock Exchange CHILE 

12/12/2017    Tuesday    Our Lady of Guadalupe    Mexico City MEXICO 

12/25/2017    Monday    Christmas    London Stock Exchange UNITED KINGDOM 


New York Stock Exchange UNITED STATES 

Sao Paulo BRAZIL 

Toronto Stock Exchange CANADA 

12/25/2017    Monday    Christmas Day    Australian Stock Exchange Ltd AUSTRALIA 

Frankfurt Stock Exchange GERMANY 

Hong Kong Stock Exchange HONG KONG 

Mexico City MEXICO 

Milan Stock Exchange ITALY 

National Stock Exchange of India INDIA 

Euronext Paris FRANCE 

Santiago Stock Exchange CHILE 

12/26/2017    Tuesday    Boxing Day    Australian Stock Exchange Ltd AUSTRALIA 

London Stock Exchange UNITED KINGDOM 

Toronto Stock Exchange CANADA 

12/26/2017    Tuesday    Christmas Holiday    Frankfurt Stock Exchange GERMANY 

Hong Kong Stock Exchange HONG KONG 

Milan Stock Exchange ITALY 

Euronext Paris FRANCE 


One of the major factors that affect the forex holiday schedule is the location. There are some holidays that are only peculiar to certain regions of the world. It is of paramount importance for every forex trader to have a general idea on all the holidays in the region he/she is operating so that they can adequately prepare their forex holiday trading schedule. A careful look at the table above shows that the market was closed on 08/December/2017 but the closure only affected Chile.

Banks and forex brokers are two important personalities of forex trading that play vital roles in the market. While the banks serve as the medium through which the currencies are traded, the brokers are the middlemen who make sure this happens. During holidays, banks and forex brokers are always unavailable or in short supply. Make sure you check the availability of your bank and broker before planning on the forex holiday trading schedule. 

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